List of DPT Thesis

Thesis - Doctor of Pysiotheraapist (DPT)

Thesis – Doctor of Pysiotherapist (DPT)
DPT-1Prevalence of Coccydynia and Assessment of Quality of Life among Bankers; A Descriptive Cross-Sectional Study.Maham/Vaneeza/Misbah/Aryesha/Hira2018-2023
DPT-2Barriers of Entreprenuership among Physiotherapists.Ireej/Rida/Sara/Mehreen/Hamna
DPT-3Association Between Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Work-Related Musculoskeletal Problems among Medical Proffessionals.Hira/Aymen/Rimsha/Taleeaa/Ulfat
DPT-4Prevalence of Peripheral Neuropathy,Amputation And Quality of Life in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus.Hafsa/Rameen/Samra/Ayesha/Mahnoor
DPT-5Relationship of Job Satisfaction and Neck Pain among Medical Professionals.Zularsha/Aqsa/Umaira/Qirrat/Minahil
DPT-6Association between Low Back Pain and Long Standing Hours During Labs And Clinical Rotations.Kazmah/Muqadas/Rimsha/Safa/Hafsa
DPT-7Correlation between Quality of Life and menopasual Symptoms in Post Menopausal WomenDania/Kissa/Amna/Noor Hamza
DPT-8Functional Evaluation of Wrist And Hand among Tailors and Embroiders of Lahore;A Comparative StudyAbdul Rauf/Sara/Iqra/Aqsa/Madiha
DPT-9Musculoskeletal Disorders among Day Scholars and Hostle Living Students of Medical Colleges.Fatima/Mehvish/Alina/Atia/Maham
DPT-10Prevalence of Varicose Veins and Quality of Life among Security Guard.Rimsha/Hira/ Shafaq/Bilal/Hussnain
DPT-11Fall-Risk and Lower Extremity Strength in Non-Diabetic and Diabetic older Adults-A Comparative Cross-Sectional Study.Shumail/Maimoona/Sameen/ayesha/Umber
DPT-12Association between Bag Weight and Shoulder Disabilities among Medical Students.Javeria/Rida/Amna/Laraib/Sanaullah/Abdul Samad
DPT-13Association of Emotional Intelligence,Physical Activity and Aggression among UnderGraduate Medical Student.Umair/Eaimish/Fajar/Rimsha/Haroon
DPT-14Limbo-Pelvic Pain among Pregnant Women:Prevalance and Its Correlation With Psychological and PhysicalRisk Factor.Ali Murtajiz/Zohaib/Farhan/Malaika/Filza
DPT-15Prevalence and Determination Of Risk Factors For Ankle Sprain among High School Sports Students.Maryam/Irfa/Malaika/Faiza/Dilroz
DPT-16Correlation of Upper Limb Strength and Lower-Limb Strength with Body Mass,Index and Waist to Hip Ratio in Younge Adults.Tehreem/Sana/Khansa/Zunaira/Rida
DPT-17Knowledge and Paractice of Hand Hygeine among Clinical Physical Therapists of Lahore After COVID-19 Pandemic.Qadeer/Bilal/Wajahat/Farhan/Mahnoor